About Eleni Santoro

Eleni Santoro

An interest in mind/space dynamics, a twenty-five year tenure in interior design and an innate understanding of spaces led Eleni Santoro to train in the healing sciences. She has studied with not­able teachers and practi­tioners in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Canada and Singapore. She has studied medita­tion and corollary concepts in India and Science of Mind with Dr. Gian Pace. While in Singapore, Eleni worked with Agnes Lau in color therapy, and Reiki. Eleni also incorporates the principles of Feng Shui when appropriate

In 1995, Eleni brought mind-spirit dynamics to the cor­por­ate world. Among her clients are leading New York real estate firms including The Corcoran Group, Edward Lee Cave, Ash­forth, Walburg, Sothebys, and L.G. Calka. Her private clients include professionals in the visual arts, enter­tain­ment and academia in the US and abroad.

Eleni Santoro has appeared on television news in the United States, Canada, England, Australia and Germany. She has been featured on PBS, Fox, BBC, CNN, Real Estate Today, and Singapore radio. Articles about her have appeared in The London Daily TelegraphThe New York Times, Newsweek, Elle, New York Magazine, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), Her World Magazine (Singa­pore), Lianhe Wanbao (Singa­pore) and Property Review (Singapore).

What Eleni Offers

  • Extensive experience interacting with a variety of clients in multilevel projects
  • Understanding the individual needs of the clients and cultural nuances
  • Clear and immediate insight of pertinent information and the changes needed
  • Integrity regarding confidentiality of clients
  • Sourcing and networking with other practitioners
  • Care, compassion and commitment
  • In a sense we are our own architects and must bring the mind-body-soul into align­ment—by observing our inner and outer realities. By clearing and aligning the spatial energy, we generate a strong and creative tem­plate which helps us attain our focus, bringing understanding and responsibility for our self and others.